Male Penile Pictures – Using Photos to Judge Penile Size

Published February 19, 2013 by besthealthguide

Male penile pictures are commonly used as a method of demonstrating the effectiveness of male enhancement products. These photos are also used by the manufacturers of such products to convince potential buyers that they are below average and need to increase their size. Male penile pictures are, however, a very poor indicator of both the average penile size and the effectiveness of male enhancement medications. The fact is that the average male penis measures between 5 and 6 inches in length. However, this fact is often overshadowed by male penile pictures well above average, used in male enhancement campaigns and in some areas of the adult media industry.

Male Penile Pictures are a very poor indicator of how this organ should look. When before and after male penile pictures are used to Male Penis enlargementdemonstrate the effectiveness of a male enhancement product, there’s no way to judge the accuracy of the photo. Many pictures are sent in by customers. While this at first seems to make the male penile pictures more genuine, it actually allows for a greater bias. Users are likely to use lighting tricks, changes in positioning, and even computer software to change the appearance of the pictures. Outside of a clinical setting, it is nearly impossible to get accurate male penile pictures depicting treatment results.

Many male penile pictures used in before and after campaigns feature a flaccid or partially flaccid penis compared to a fully erect penis. This presents a very unfair picture. The size of a flaccid penis is not a reliable scientific indicator of how large it will be when erect, so there is no way to determine from these male penile pictures whether the product in question is effective. It should also be noted that successful customers are much more likely to submit to these photos than those with less encouraging results. Male penile pictures can be embarrassing for the many customers who did not see any change from the product used.

The only time that Male Penile Pictures present useful information about a treatment is when these are provided by a qualified doctor as an illustration of a medical treatment. Penile enlargement surgery is available from some doctors. Male penile pictures that depict both before and after pictures and a close look at how the process is performed can give a very eye-opening bit of information to the patient. Many doctors recommend against this surgery because the results are not always what the patient is hoping for. Male penile pictures from past surgeries may help to clarify what this procedure can and cannot offer.


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